Frustrated with uncertainty? Here’s what helps.

In the last two years, we have all experienced uncertainty: there have been so many unknowns and restrictions on how we can lead our businesses and our lives. How have we been dealing with such uncertainty? Some people fell into victim mode, blaming and complaining until they ultimately got angry or depressed and gave up on their dreams. Some businesses made temporary changes with the view that things will come back to normal and are just hanging on to survive. However, the people committed to excellence seek answers to this important question: what will help me and my business thrive despite these uncertain external conditions?

Here’s what helps:

1. Welcome the growth.

When things don’t work the way we want, or we experience setbacks, we are presented with the opportunity to grow. If we live life needing to be safe and comfortable at all times, we will suffer. Instead, if we accept reality as it is and commit to expanding our horizons, we became resilient. We understand that growth is necessary. Life is full of uncertainty and we thrive when we seek expansion and enlightenment. Even in the dreariest situations, we can find joy through spiritual growth.

2. Put the past in the past.

Clinging to the past, spending time thinking about what we had and no longer have, or fantasizing about how things used to be and no longer are, means we are getting stuck, unable to move forward. In uncertainty, we need all of our attention focused on finding solutions for a better future.

When you feel frustration, despair, or loneliness, you must affirm that nothing is really wrong. It’s just that you are being redirected on a new path. Sometimes the redirection, although uncomfortable, is an answer to a previous desire you had. Release the past and have confidence in your ability to create a better future. Affirmations I like to say are “The best is yet to come” or “All is well in my world and better things are coming.”

3. Start fresh.

Ask the question, “What now?” Don’t try to fit the old way into the new reality. It will not work. Adapt and find new solutions. Innovate new ways of doing things. Maybe even revisit some of your earlier plans. For example, what was something you wanted to do but never had the chance to implement? Maybe the time is now. Maybe that is where you are being redirected.

Tap into your creativity. Find the new path, the new way of being, the new way of doing business. Remember that for the best results, you must move forward with optimism.

Find joy in your growth and in challenging yourself. This is how you will have inner victories. Life is not meant to be boring. Life is meant to be an adventure. Welcome the unknown. Welcome the expansion. Thrive.

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Irina Mihaela

Irina has 20 + years of executive business experience and is intuitive. She founded Entrepreneur Enlightenment Inc to help CEOs elevate purpose, peace, profit.